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Speakers at The Silicon Valley Drone Show (sUSB Expo): 2016

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Nancy Egan, General Counsel & EVP of Policy 3D Robotics, Inc.

Nancy Egan is the General Counsel and EVP of Policy of 3D Robotics, Inc. (“3DR”). 3DR is a leading maker of unmanned aerial vehicles – including its flagship product the Solo. Nancy is responsible for legal and policy maters at 3DR. Nancy recently served as the industry co-chair of the FAA micro UAS ARC. Prior to joining 3DR, Nancy was the General Counsel of Nanometrics (NASDAQ:NANO). Nancy holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Buffalo and a juris doctor from the Notre Dame Law School. View Complete Bio…


Jeffery Antonelli

Jeffery Antonelli, Antonelli Law

Jeffrey Antonelli launched one of the first Drone/UAS Practice Groups in the country in 2014 after discovering drone technology in his RC aircraft hobby. The practice has now grown to more than 50 clients nationwide including billion dollar engineering, construction, and telecom concerns, GIS professionals, cinematographers, real estate companies, a news organization, and a forensic specialist. In addition to providing Section 333 and Public COA services, with the firm advises clients on complex aviation needs, digital privacy, tax, contracts, intellectual property, employment law and civil litigation. This is made possible in large part due to his co-counsel Kate Fletcher, attorney and pilot for the world’s largest airline; Washington DC regulatory and telecommunications attorney Mark Del Bianco; and aviation consultant Douglas Marshall. View Complete Bio…

Paul Beard

Paul Beard, Inventor DVR, Internet radio, SlingBox®, Spektrum®. Former CTO at Norand, Zymos, Alation, Cypress Semiconductor, and Horizon Hobby

Paul Beard is the inventor of, for example, the digital video recorder (DVR), Internet radio, SlingBox®, and Spektrum®. He has held the position of CTO at Norand, Zymos, Alation, Cypress Semiconductor, and Horizon Hobby. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester (UK). He holds over 60 patents and is a hall-of-fame member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the International Radio Control Helicopter Association. Paul was also the Oleg Antanov awardee of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. Paul is both an airplane and helicopter pilot. He enjoys piloting his Bell Jet Ranger in and around Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park. View Complete Bio…

Fred Borda Portrait-small

Fred Borda Co-founder and C.O.O., Aerial Innovation

Fred Borda is Co-founder and C.O.O. of Aerial Innovation, a Silicon Valley consulting firm focused on the advancement of commercial unmanned aerial in the U.S. and Japan. Aerial Innovation is working with the public sector and leading private enterprises in Japan and the U.S. to lay the technology and infrastructure groundwork for widespread adoption of commercial drones. Fred has been working with Japan’s technology sector for over 20 years, advising large telecommunications and IT R&D organizations on technology and strategy. Before that he worked in Tokyo for a Japanese research and marketing strategy consulting firm. Fred founded Aerial Innovation in 2016 with well-known Japanese tech journalist Ryoji Koike because what’s cooler than helping to create the future of flying robot networked supercomputers? View Complete Bio…

Chambliss Headshot

Micahael Chambliss, International Cinematographers Guild

Michael Chambliss is a technologist and business representative for the for the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG), IATSE Local 600, focused on new production technologies impacting directors of photography and their camera crews. He has been working closely with FAA-exempt UAS motion picture and television aerial operators, regulatory agencies, insurers, the motion picture and television Industry Wide Safety Committee, industry guilds, and community based UAS groups to implement this technology as new visual storytelling technique. View Complete Bio…



Goksel Dedeoglu, PercepTonic

Goksel is the Founder and Lab Director of PercepTonic, his Dallas-based startup where he formulates embedded vision solutions for next-gen products. Thanks to the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon and seven years with Texas Instruments’ R&D labs, Goksel is a recognized expert in Computer Vision with patents and product contributions in automotive safety, video analytics, face and gesture recognition, and augmented reality. View Complete Bio…


Jonathan Downey, CEO Airware

Jonathan Downey is the Founder and CEO of Airware, a San Francisco-based company that has developed an operating system for commercial drones, allowing enterprises to take full advantage of aerial data for any commercial application. Airware’s Aerial Information Platform combines hardware, software, and cloud services to enable companies to quickly customize, efficiently manage, and safely and reliably operate commercial drones at scale. Jonathan is the General Partner for Airware’s Commercial Drone Fund, a fund launched to accelerate innovation in the commercial drone space. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the largest unmanned systems organization in the world. View Complete Bio…


Michael E. Drobac Senior Policy Advisor, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, Washington, D.C.

Michael E. Drobac serves as a Senior Policy Advisor at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in Washington, D.C. He served as the Executive Director of the Small UAV Coalition, an organization composed of leading consumer and technology companies with the goal of advancing the recreational, public (first responders), philanthropic and commercial use of small unmanned aerial vehicles. Founding members of the Small UAV Coalition are (in alphabetical order): Amazon Prime Air,Intel, GoogleX,Verizon Ventures, T-Mobile, PrecisionHawk. Kespry, Flirtey, Botlink and others.

In his role as at Akin Gump, Mr. Drobac advocates before Congress and federal agencies in support of the policy objectives of his clients in the technology and telecommunications sectors. His expertise includes Policy and Regulation, Privacy and Data Protection, and Communications and Information Technology.

He subsequently served as legislative counsel to U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) and then as legislative director to U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN).

During his career, he worked as head of government affairs for two different technology-related organizations – Netflix and the Online Publishers Association (now Digital Content Next) – and served in a senior roles IAC/InterActiveCorp. He established, and served, as the first director of Netflix’s Washington, D.C. office, where he identified and developed the first official set of short and long-term policy goals for the company on federal, state and international policy issues.

He received his B.A. and M.A. at Stanford University, his J.D. at University of Oregon School of Law, and his LL.M. from the London School of Economics and Political Science. View Complete Bio…

Patrick Egan 2016

Patrick Egan, sUAS News Americas Desk, EP sUAS Podcast Series, Drone TV, sUSB Exposition, Omega Unmanned

Patrick Egan is the editor of the Americas Desk at sUAS News and host and Executive Producer of the sUAS News Podcast Series, Drone TV and the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition.

Experience in the field includes assignments with the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Battle Lab investigating solutions on future warfare research projects. Instructor for LTA (Lighter Than Air) ISR systems deployment teams for a OSD, U.S. Special Operations Command, Special Surveillance Project. Built and operated commercial RPA prior to 2007 FAA policy clarification.

On the airspace integration side, he serves as director of special programs for the RCAPA (Remote Control Aerial Photography Association). Past collaborations within the framework of the standards groups; ASTM F-38 and RTCA SC-203 (lightly regulated sub-group), and was also a full member of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Aviation Rulemaking committee (Order 1110.150)—He also served on the ICC (International Coordination Council) which input to the EUROCAE wg-73, and was the President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) View Complete Bio…

Fredrik Falkman

Fredrik Falkman, Head of Innovation at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Fredrik Falkman is an Industrial Designer managing innovation at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, a charity that does the majority of rescues in Swedish waters.
Fredrik is heading a project that aims to deploy a fleet of small, remotely launched fixed wing drones around the Swedish coast to enable eyes in the sky within minutes of an emergency call. The truly BVLOS nature of the project involves pushing technology and legislation, as well as extensive relationship building with other airspace users.
Fredrik is a founding member of the International Maritime Rescue Federation’s Future Technology Panel and a member of the European Emergency Number Association, EENA112, RPAS Working Group.
Fredrik has a background running a design consultancy with a focus on User Centered Design. He holds a Private Pilot License with a Sea Plane Rating. View Complete Bio…

Gibson Marke (UAS AOA ADA) Bio Photo 0642_w_Flag (11-23-15) (2)

Marke F. Gibson Senior Advisor, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration

In September 2015, Marke Gibson joined the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the Senior Advisor, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration. He provides executive direction and high level leadership to the FAA with responsibility for oversight of the work related to UAS. In addition, he is responsible for developing and delivering business and strategic plans for enterprise-level UAS initiatives, analyzing integration progress, engaging in scientific and research activities, and maintaining liaison with internal and external stakeholders.
Prior to joining the FAA, Mr. Gibson served as the Executive Director of the NextGen Institute (NGI). The primary role of NGI is to provide a mechanism through which the private sector actively engages with the USG in defining, developing, and implementing NextGen. In that position, he promoted the NextGen Institute throughout the industry, created awareness and gained new support for NextGen initiatives. During his tenure at NGI, he led two UAS Spectrum working groups, an FAA Global Leadership Roundtable, and commenced work on an ADS-B initiative on behalf of the Deputy Administrator. View Complete Bio…



Heller Gregory

Heller Gregory, GrandView Services

Heller Gregory is the founder and president of Bay Area based GrandView Services, LLC. GrandView is one of Northern California’s first UAV companies focused on data acquisition and processing for civil engineering, geotechnical, heavy construction, and environmental monitoring. Ms. Gregory is a licensed private pilot who has been involved in digital imaging and communications for more than 25 years and with the civil, geotechnical, and earthwork construction industry for more than 20 years. View Complete Bio…

Ken Gracey

Ken Gracey California-credentialed educator, CEO of Parallax

Ken Gracey is a California-credentialed educator and the CEO of Parallax. Parallax is a 40-person team focused on embedded electronics education. Recently the company designed and fabricated the Propeller Multicore Microcontroller, the first open source ASIC of its type. Ken is regarded as an enthusiastic advocate of American manufacturing, the company staff and specifically the educational customers. View Complete Bio…

Heinonen Tero

Tero Heinonen, Sharper Shape, Finland

Tero, founder and CEO of Sharper Shape, is an entrepreneurial and experienced start-up executive with a successful track record and experience from international high tech business management, sales and technology management with excellent industry knowledge of several industries, and target-driven hands-on attitude. Tero has co-founded 5 technology companies, where he has served as CEO and/or Chairman. Since 2000 Tero has been focused solely on startups, including Maventa Ltd (exit 2013), Uoma Oy (exit 2010), Tema Networks Ltd, Helmi Technologies Inc., CargoTrax Ltd, BLStream Ltd, Locus Portal Corp. (exit 2004), Synapse, and Optiwise Inc. Before startups Tero worked in business development at Stonesoft Corp (IPO 1999) and in business management at Tekla Corp. Tero started his career as a software developer in 1986. View Complete Bio…


E. Raymond Hunt, Jr., Research Physical Scientist, USDA Agricultural Research

E. Raymond Hunt, Jr. (Ray) is a Research Physical Scientist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland. He received his BS from Ohio University and a PhD in plant biophysical ecology from the University of Michigan. Starting in 2000, he became involved with a NASA- and ARS-funded educational program, El Ingeniero/Imagine Excellence, and developed a class project taking photographs from radio-controlled model aircraft in order to teach science, engineering, and math. This project quickly evolved into research using small UAS for precision agriculture. Dr. Hunt is a fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and a member of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and the International Society for Precision Agriculture. View Complete Bio…


Dr. Johnston Drone

Dr. David W. Johnston, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Marine Conservation & Ecology at Duke University, Director of the Duke Marine Lab’s Unoccupied Systems Facility

Dr. David W. Johnston is an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Marine Conservation & Ecology at Duke University and Director of the Duke Marine Lab’s Unoccupied Systems Facility. Johnston holds a PhD from Duke University and received post-doctoral training at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California. His professional experience ranges from leading research programs for NOAA to working as an ecologist within the NGO sector. Johnston’s research program focuses on the ecology and habitat needs of marine vertebrates in relation to pressing conservation issues such as climate change, habitat loss, ocean noise, incidental mortality and overharvests. He has published extensively in top journals in the fields of conservation biology, oceanography, marine ecology and marine policy on research that spans tropical, temperate and polar biomes. Johnston is currently using small UAS for a range of marine science and conservation projects, from coastal resiliency to marine vertebrate population assessments and behavioral studies. View Complete Bio…



Parimal Kopardekar, NASA NextGen Concepts and Technology Development Project

Parimal Kopardekar (PK) serves as the Manager of the NASA’s NextGen Concepts and Technology Development Project. He has published more than 40 articles. He enjoys initiating new concepts and technology ideas that increase airspace capacity and throughput, reduce delays, and reduce the total cost of air transportation. View Complete Bio…


Douglas Marshall, President, TrueNorth Consulting, LLC

Douglas Marshall, President, TrueNorth Consulting, LLC, an aviation consulting organization specializing in regulations, standards and legal issues relating to the integration of unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft into civil airspace.

Adjunct Professor of Law, De Paul University College of Law, delivering a new course on Unmanned Aviation Systems Law in the fall of 2016.

Previously served as Division Manager, UAS Regulations & Standards Development at the Physical Science Laboratory, New Mexico State University, and prior to that held an appointment as Professor of Aeronautics at the University of North Dakota. He has been engaged full time on UAS related activities for over 11 years, is the co-editor of two books related to aviation, co-author of  “Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems” (1st and 2nd Editions) and is the author of numerous published articles on aviation law, regulations and remotely piloted aircraft. View Complete Bio…

Tad McGeer

Tad McGeer, Aerovel

Tad McGeer is Aerovel’s founder and president. He trained as an aeronautical engineer at Princeton and Stanford, and then joined the new Engineering Science faculty at Simon Fraser University in his native British Columbia. There he developed the concept of passive dynamic walking, which went on to be adopted as a paradigm for study of human locomotion and design of legged robots. In 1990 he returned to aeronautics, joining a Virginia start-up, Aurora Flight Sciences, as Chief Scientist. View Complete Bio…


Terry Miller 2016

Terry Miller, President of Transport Risk Management, Inc. and Unmanned Risk Management

Terry founded Transport Risk Management in 2003 because he recognized the opportunity to innovate an industry and do things better than they were being done.
Transport Risk is a pioneer in the field of UAS insurance and has developed many systems unique to UAS insurance including an innovative aircraft registration system and insurance quote submission and policy management systems. View Complete Bio…


Knut Torbjørn Moe

Knut Torbjørn Moe, Squarehead Technology

Mr. Moe, a Norwegian citizen, directs drone detection solutions at Squarehead Technology in Oslo. The company has delivered premium audio detection solutions for customers worldwide since 2004. He has managed multiple industrial and law enforcement drone projects in North America, Southern Africa, Middle East, Europe, The Arctic and Scandinavia, and has dealt with risk analysis and capability mapping of drones for the last decade. He is also an accredited drone operator on various systems, and an expert of counter drone tactics and systems. View Complete Bio…

Kevin Nasman large

Kevin Nasman,Senior Systems Engineer, Gryphon Sensors, LLC

Kevin Nasman is a Senior Systems Engineer at Gryphon Sensors, LLC in Syracuse, NY where he works on aggregate sensors systems used for the safe integration of commercial UAS into the airspace. Prior to Gryphon Sensors, Kevin worked at SRC, Inc. as the lead systems engineer for the AN/TPQ-50 ground radar, which has since been integrated successfully into the Army GBSAA program along with several Counter-UAS efforts. He brings experience in detecting, tracking and classifying Low Slow Small (LSS) airborne targets to the commercial sector for safe integration, traffic management, and security applications. Kevin holds several patents in the area of control systems and sensor technology. He has a BSEE from Rochester Institute of Technology and has further studied data mining and knowledge discovery technologies. View Complete Bio…



Roger Ohlund, CMO, SmartPlanes

Roger Ohlund is a Swedish national. He graduated from Umea University, Sweden, and holds a MSc degree in Engineering Physics and BSc in Space Technology.
Roger began his career with research on non-invasive measurement techniques and image analysis for New Boliden and ABB. His work experience includes appointments with Ericsson AB, with diverse responsibilities as engineer, international project manager and TCM manager in the telecoms industry. In 2005, Roger started working as Global Accounts Senior Sales Director and Customer Executive for Tieto Corporation. Today he is the CMO of SmartPlanes AB, a manufacturer of the world’s most durable micro class UAV, providing aerial remote sensing and data collection solutions for multiple industries.

View Complete Bio…

Michael Perry Photo

Michael Perry, Director of Strategic Partnerships DJI

Michael Perry is Director of Strategic Partnerships of DJI and leads external outreach on behalf of the company. Since joining DJI in early 2014, he has helped engage industry leaders across multiple sectors, top tier global media and international government partners to understand the potential of unmanned aerial technology. His work also includes identifying and engaging partners to help expand the capabilities of unmanned aerial systems through new hardware or software solutions.

Before joining DJI, Michael served as a communications strategist at global public relations consultancies, advising Fortune 500 companies on corporate communications, media relations, public affairs, and thought leadership programs across North and South America, Europe and Asia. View Complete Bio…


Nicholas Pilkington, DroneDeploy

Nicholas Pilkington grew up in South Africa. He studied Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge. He also worked at Toshiba on speech recognitions system and Base4 on nanopore gene sequencers. He co-founded DroneDeploy in 2013 to make drones productive and accessible to everyone in the world. View Complete Bio…

Gen Poss ASSURE headshot

Maj. Gen. James O. Poss (ret), USAF, ASSURE

Maj. Gen. James O. Poss (ret) is the Executive Director of the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Center of Excellence Team. ASSURE is 18 of the top US, Canadian and British UAS research universities with 100+ corporate members teaming to solve the FAA’s UAS research issues. General Poss works for MSU at their Stennis Space Center Campus. He is a 30 year US Air Force veteran with combat experience in four wars and was the Air Force’s senior career intelligence officer at his transition from active service in November 2012. He is a leading expert on UAS, having targeted the first armed UAS strikes, designed the US Air Force’s remote split operations system for UAS control and the Distributed Common Ground Station for UAS intelligence analysis. General Poss received his commission through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the University of Southern Mississippi. View Complete Bio…

Dr. Pilskalns Headshot

Dr. Orest Pilskalns: CEO Skyyfish Inc.

Orest grew up in Montana and graduated from University of Montana with undergraduate degrees in
Mathematics and Physics in 1996 and a Master of Science Degree in Computer
Science in 1998. After his graduation, Orest was recruited by Lockheed Martin
Astronautics and worked for the Image Understanding Group in Denver,
Colorado. At Lockheed Martin he developed novel mapping and image
recognition software for the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA). In
2000, Orest left Lockheed and received a fellowship to work on a Ph.D. at
Washington State University (WSU). View Complete Bio…

Andy Putch

Andy Putch, Co-founder, FreeSkies

Andy Putch is the co-founder of FreeSkies, a Bay Area software startup that is building the future of the drone UI/UX. Before FreeSkies, he was an autonomous systems researcher with the University of Illinois Bretl Research Group exploring emerging SLAM (LSD-SLAM) and other GPS-denied UAS control systems. He has also worked as an aerospace and defense corporate strategy consultant with Renaissance Strategic Advisors and as a NASA Aeronautics Academy Fellow at the Armstrong Flight Research Center. Andy is a private pilot and soon to be Section 333 UAS operator. View Complete Bio…


Dr. Scot Refsland

Dr. Scot Refsland,  Founder & CEO of RotorSports

Dr. Scot Refsland is the founder and CEO of RotorSports, producers of the US National Drone Racing Championships and the Inaugural 2016 World Drone Racing Championships in Hawaii with over 40 countries participating. Scot has a Ph.D. in Virtual and Augmented Reality and a BA from University of Southern California. He is particularly interested in the intersection of drone racing, eSports and mixed reality technologies. View Complete Bio…

Pavel Reichert 2 drone

Pavel Reichert, Founder & CEO of Techniserv company

Founder and CEO of Techniserv company – the drone service provider in EU and CIS countries. Pavel got education at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of electrical engineering, where worked as a professor assistant and got a first drone experience at 2010.  He transformed his knowledge to the real usage at 2011, when they launched the first drone flights as a service. They were an official first provider in Czech and Slovak republic. First area of operation was a security operations (Police assistance including SWAT units) and rescue operations (localizations of lost people or hotspots). He has been successful in other countries in Eastern Europe and Russia and currently operates drones for Oil and Gas companies at Arctic region. View Complete Bio…



Gene Robinson, RP Search Services

Gene Robinson has continued on the same path of learning that started back in 2005 with the first search using a small unmanned aircraft.  Since his book “First to Deploy” has been released, Robinson has served the community by developing procedures and using his field experience to guide the growth of UA technology for first responders and Search & Rescue organizations. View Complete Bio…


Jonathan Rupprecht

Jonathan B. Rupprecht, Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor, Rupprecht LAW, P.A.

Jonathan B. Rupprecht is a drone lawyer and a commercial pilot with single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument ratings. He is also an airplane flight instructor and instrument flight instructor. Newsweek, Politico, NPR, Marketwatch, The Independent, Motherboard, and many other sources have cited or quoted him. Jonathan obtained a B.S. from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Magna Cum Laude, and a J.D. from Florida International University School of Law. Jonathan authored Drones: Their Many Civilian Uses and the U.S. Laws Surrounding Them. He later was an advisor for one of the amicus briefs for the highly publicized Huerta v. Pirker case. He co-authored a legal treatise on unmanned aircraft that is being published by the American Bar Association. Jonathan is currently practicing drone law in South Florida at his firm Rupprecht Law, P.A. View Complete Bio…



Colin Snow, CEO Drone Analyst Research and Advisors

Colin Snow is CEO and Founder of Drone Analyst Research and Advisors, a consulting firm for the commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry. Colin is a 25-year technology industry veteran with a background in market research, enterprise software, electronics, digital imaging, and mobility. His experience includes aerial photography as well as making, programming, and piloting remote control aircraft. Colin holds an MBA from Florida Atlantic University and is a member of all major UAS industry groups including: AUVSI, RCAPA, and AMA. Colin writes the ‘The Market’ column for sUAS News, and you can find him on Twitter @droneanalyst. View Complete Bio…


Von Headshot

Andy von Stauffenberg, Founder & CEO, VStar Systems Inc.

Andy von Stauffenberg is the founder and CEO of VStar Systems Inc. VStar Systems Inc. provides End to End Unmanned Systems Research and Development Services to both commercial and government clients. Prior to establishing VStar Systems, Mr. von Stauffenberg was the Global Hawk Block 30 Chief Engineer at Northrop Grumman, overseeing all technical aspects of the product life cycle, including the development, production and sustainment efforts for the United States Air Force. Mr. von Stauffenberg has years of remote sensing, systems engineering, flight operations, system test and project management experience across a wide range of applications, advanced technologies and platforms. Mr. von Stauffenberg served eight years in the US Navy in various positions. He holds a BS and MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in addition to a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology.
View Complete Bio…

Bruce Tarbert

Bruce Tarbert, President TCS Aviation, LLC.

Bruce Tarbert is president of TCS Aviation, LLC., serving the UAS industry focusing on the challenges of integrating unmanned aircraft into todays National Airspaces System (NAS). TCS works with UAS operators, manufactures, and airport authorities to fully understand operational approvals and regulatory considerations as they apply to unmanned aircraft operations.

With over 33 years’ experience at the Federal Aviation Administration, he spent 10 years at FAA Headquarters working in the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization, the Aircraft Certification Service, as well as the Flight Standards Service. Bruce has been recognized by various aviation interest groups for integrating new technologies in the the NAS including RNAV and RNP procedure integration, as well as UAS policy development. As the lead in the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Program Office, he represented the FAA as the FAA chair of the Small UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee.

More recently, he served as the Director of New Mexico State University’s Unmanned Aircraft Flight Test Center and as the Director of Airworthiness and Airspace Integration for the FAA’s designated UAS test site in Nevada. At the Nevada test site, Bruce was responsible for establishing the nations first designee program to enable certification of unmanned aircraft with a Special Airworthiness Certificate in the Experimental category. View Complete Bio…

Michael Thoss

Michael Thoss, Ethoss, Germany

Michael Thoss, is a trusted expert within his home country Germany and in the global, commercial unmanned industry. Being involved since 2008, Michael actively joined the industry representing the German manufacturer microdrones. As microdrones Marketing Director, Michael successfully developed, positioned and established the brand on the international commercial drone market and also was responsible for (the growth of) the global distribution network. Moving on, Michael founded his own company called “ethoss”. The company is regularly helping drone industry businesses and supports with strategic consulting and marketing services next to its extensive global network. Michael consults with established, global organizations, which look for his advice in order to successfully implement unmanned technology within their organization and operations. Michael actively is involved in drone operations and projects around the world, for both, security and commercial applications. During the last years, the main focus was clearly set to Europe, Middle East, South Africa and North-America. Currently, Michael is in the process of founding further businesses, related to the unmanned industry. View Complete Bio…



Harris Wang, Strategic Marketing Director, Velodyne

Velodyne LiDAR provides the core 3-D sensor technology that enables land, aerial and marine vehicles to “see” in real-time, making autonomous driving, flight and cruising a reality. Please join Harris Wang, Strategic Markets Director at Velodyne, to explore the latest Industrial Drone developments leveraging LiDAR technology. Together you will examine what winning looks like within different drone operation modes and discuss how to navigate around this increasingly complex ecosystem…

Harris Wang has served various roles in engineering, sales and marketing at Fortune 150 companies with specialty in global strategy execution and business process improvement. After having lived in Shanghai, Chicago and Beijing, Harris feels great to be back to the Silicon Valley and take part in the Mobility Revolution.

Harris received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and is currently pursuing an EMBA at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai. View Complete Bio…