Seshu Kiran

Founder of XAIR
Seshu Kiran is an engineering-entrepreneur and founder of XAIR, a company working in the intersection of commercial drones and airspace technologies. He kicked off his entrepreneurial career while a teen, building & selling open spectrum radio transmitters and receivers. His eventual creations have gone into wide array of NDT, instrumentation and control devices. He has built and sold SoC and circuit test systems used by major companies such as Intel, AMD, nVidia etc. His experience piloting unpowered manned gliders propelled him into building flight-controls for dynamic soaring.


Seshu  argues for full-stack. He argues for tightly coupled interfaces between layers of hardware and software and is always suspicious of multi-vendor solutions in critical systems. His extensive experience in DSP, control systems, RF and high-speed electronics design, bring unique strength to matters of safe drones and airspace. He with XAIR is a member of 3GPP and ETSI contributing and exploring possibilities of 5G as a fixed infrastructure to support urban operations of commercial drones. He is also advocating the use of UHF and VHF bands through standards such as IEEE 802.22 whitespace communications.