Robert O'Keeffe

CEO & Founder of Tachyon Aerospace, Ltd.

Robert has developed technologies stated by the aerospace industry majors as “having the ability to revolutionize space-flight vehicle design and development to initiating the reshaping of the aerospace industry from the ground-up.”
Robert is auto-didactic and has a new un-blinkered understanding of the laws of physics with his breakthroughs in bi-polar magnetic fields and his research with resonance frequency. Through these breakthroughs, Robert has spent 15 years designing a Trans-Atmospheric Flight Vehicle (TAV1) and has spent the last 6 years dedicating himself to the building of a team around Tachyon Aerospace Ltd., showcasing some of his breakthroughs. This includes a new revolutionary propulsion system and many flight system technologies. Robert has an extensive background and understanding of power generation. He has been innovating many disruptive technologies and has designs, blueprints, white papers, and government reports on many of his clean-power technologies.
Robert also has many years R&D experience in the advancement of medical technologies and vehicle emissions reduction tech. The last 34 years has seen him being sought after by some of the major companies in the world. He has been published several times, and is a guest speaker at many physics conferences around the world.