Rhianna Lakin

Independent Drone Journalist

Rhianna is a independent drone Journalist who discovered drones 4 years ago as a useful tool to report on natural disasters and other pressing news events. Rhianna has found that drones coupled with social media are an effective tool for reporting on events as they happen allowing stakeholders to consider events and provide input before they conclude.

Notably she reported as an independent journalist at the Standing Rock Reservation in ND where she covered on Facebook live upwards of 8 drones being shot down while trying to cover the progress of a highly questionable pipeline easement.  Rhianna has been motivated to report on major events after her experiences in South East Asia, in the 20 plus years she spent there she witnessed many disasters and tragedies that could have been easily avoided, and some that were mainly caused by illegal, reckless, irresponsible logging methods leading to devastating flash floods and loss of life.

Rhianna also experienced the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Mt Sinabung eruption and saw the necessity for drone use in humanitarian aid and relief missions.  Rhianna looks forward and is passionate about being a resource for decision makers, leaders and organizations needing timely data and reporting to mitigate disasters both manmade and natural.

Rhianna Lakin is the founder of “Amelia Dronehart RC Copter Group”  worldwide community for women engaged in sUAS use.


Standing Rock

Cannon Ball, ND Pipeline Protests


Portland Snow Day

Snow Day KGW-TV Broadcast


Lakin Volcano

Mt. Sinabung Eruption