Terry Miller

By Kirk Elton Greninger March 25, 2016

Drone business operators know that commercial operations have risk factors that require insurance, so even the best pilots are required to get insurance before many major companies will contract with them. This is where Terry Miller comes in, Mr. Miller runs Transport Risk Management a drone insurance firm out of Colorado, also contributes to sUAS News on a regular basis.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Miller will be engaged at the 4th annual Silicon Valley Drone show held on April 27th, 28th, and 29th 2016, he will be covering topics he’s discussed in brief in his articles on FAA registration vs TRMXXX identification, and telematics insurance (pay as you fly, or pay how fly) .This can’t miss presentation strikes at the heart of what a successful drone business needs, limiting liability and risk and protecting company assets and paving the path to business growth. It’s one thing to build a drone business it’s another thing to secure it from the complications of operating with new technology where aerial robots excel, dull, dirty, and or dangerous. Terry Miller will inform you how it’s possible to stay on top and avoid the pitfalls that devour many small businesses.

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