Kevin Nasman Senior Systems Engineer, Gryphon Sensors, LLC

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Kevin Nasman,Senior Systems Engineer, Gryphon Sensors, LLC

Kevin Nasman is a Senior Systems Engineer at Gryphon Sensors, LLC in Syracuse, NY where he works on aggregate sensors systems used for the safe integration of commercial UAS into the airspace. Prior to Gryphon Sensors, Kevin worked at SRC, Inc. as the lead systems engineer for the AN/TPQ-50 ground radar, which has since been integrated successfully into the Army GBSAA program along with several Counter-UAS efforts. He brings experience in detecting, tracking and classifying Low Slow Small (LSS) airborne targets to the commercial sector for safe integration, traffic management, and security applications. Kevin holds several patents in the area of control systems and sensor technology. He has a BSEE from Rochester Institute of Technology and has further studied data mining and knowledge discovery technologies.