Kevin Finisterre

Kevin Finisterre

Systems Analyst Digital Munitions

Being both self-taught and self-motivated, Kevin’s primary experience and exposure lies in the dissemination of information relating to the identification and exploitation of software vulnerabilities on various platforms. The bulk of my career his been spent as a team lead for a small team of penetration testers.  Kevin’s previous job functions have included web application vulnerability assessments, network vulnerability assessments, social engineering and exploit development. Kevin likes to pride himself in confidently being able to say he has successfully hacked into everything from police car DVR systems to casino electronic cash boxes and money counters. Most Kevin’s recent research efforts have centered around UAS autopilot hardware and software design, as well as development of counter UAS exploitation techniques.

The Unrealized Threat of Weaponized Drones


The drone threat is expanding. Warnings from industry and the intelligence community regarding the adoption of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or do-it-yourself (DIY) drones have gone unheeded and it is not for a lack of information…..