Jono Millin

Jono Millin

Jono Millin is a founder of DroneDeploy, the cloud-based drone management platform.

Jono completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems and Applied Maths at Rhodes University in South Africa before moving to the UK to obtain an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, and 2/3 of a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Edinburgh.

During his time in Edinburgh, Jono co-founded Zoom2Work and AdvertEyes before moving to San Francisco with DroneDeploy.

Jono loves spending his time solving difficult problems both in research and business, in particular by applying innovative technologies and methods. He is passionate about science and using data to gain insights into problems, and automating the solutions.

When not playing with flying robots and computers, Jono is often outdoors, rock climbing or playing squash.