Jack Cullen

CEO and Co-Founder of JAR Aerospace

Jack Cullen is the CEO and Co-Founder of JAR Aerospace, a company specialising in the design and manufacturing of highly technical Unmanned Aerial System platforms, capable of completing advanced operations throughout a host of different environments. Jack has a broad technical knowledge encompassing minor details across many engineering disciplines. His talent lies in his concept comprehension allowing him to instantly identify critical chain activities and modular design capabilities that may be adapted to any operating environment.
Built of great character, Jack is a natural born leader portraying maturity far beyond his age. Combined with his strong technical and operational insight, he has advocated for investing in his people ingraining a successful culture, and allowing him to construct JAR Aerospace’s highly qualified project team. Jack brings an innovative desire to this project team, with a technical and logistical skillset to execute on project milestones, timelines and performance.
His natural leadership, innovative desire and ambition to develop Australia’s Aerospace industry into a world leader is what makes Jack such an promising individual for the industry moving forward. Jack has a clear vision to redefine the Australian Aerospace landscape, and has been a pivotal member in securing JAR Aerospace’s successes to date. His experience in the development of Unmanned Aerial Systems includes both large and small systems, varying in complexity and function. Jack has played a large role in the development of the industrial JAR Aerospace multirotor, a truly triple redundant UAS with high thrust capabilities and the onboard processing power to harness and utilize any software or technology available worldwide, relaying data back to the ground control station in real time.
Jack has also been a key technical lead in the development of JAR Educations instructional school drone kits. These systems have been designed and developed for high school students to assemble and code as part of an engaging educational initiative of JAR Aerospace. Jack has developed several varying educational drones and altered numerous flight computers code to provide students with unique and tailored learning experiences. Jack has proven himself as an innovative and clinical operator on JAR Aerospace’s Unmanned System developments so far, as well as a terrific manager and project leader.