Heller Gregory

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Heller Gregory is the founder and president of Bay Area based GrandView Services, LLC. GrandView is one of Northern California’s first UAV companies focused on data acquisition and processing for civil engineering, geotechnical, heavy construction, and environmental monitoring. Ms. Gregory is a licensed private pilot who has been involved in digital imaging and communications for more than 25 years and with the civil, geotechnical, and earthwork construction industry for more than 20 years. Since 1993 she has served on the board of directors of Cal Engineering & Geology, Inc. Heller was easily drawn to piloting UAV’s for some of the more practical applications that she was familiar with through her involvement in engineering and construction. Since starting GrandView less than one year ago, she has worked through the available UAV technologies, platforms, and processing software and has been able to provide practical deliverables for a variety of projects including periodic monitoring of landslide prone hillside areas, earth work grading, and development of photogrammetrically-derived digital terrain models and other CAD ready files. Heller is a graduate of Cal State University, Northridge and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television and Communications.