Gene Engelgau

Fruity Chutes

Gene Engelgau, CEO of Fruity Chutes, has been part of the Silicon Valley high tech industry since the late 70’s.  He’s founded several high tech start-ups both in the early Internet e-commerce space, as well as the hobby radio control industries.  Gene has experience in electronics hardware design, embedded systems, enterprise software, and web systems design, databases.

Gene has always had a passion for aero modeling.  He’s flown RC aircraft and rockets for 40 years.  In the mid-80’s Gene helped found CSys Labs Inc.  It was a company that designed and manufactured one of the first all computer controlled RC airplane controllers which was sold under the Airtronics / Sanwa brand.

Founded in October 2007, Fruity Chutes has established itself as a leading provider to the UAS industry of a broad range of parachute recovery products optimized for light weight and high strength.  Gene has stayed involved in high power rocketry and currently serves on the board of, one of the most prestigious armature rocketry clubs in the world.  Their activities take place in Black Rock desert NV.  Gene is married with three children, and lives in Monte Sereno CA, USA.