Fred Borda, Co-founder and C.O.O., Aerial Innovation

Fred Borda Portrait-small

Fred Borda Co-founder and C.O.O., Aerial Innovation

Fred Borda is Co-founder and C.O.O. of Aerial Innovation, a Silicon Valley consulting firm focused on the advancement of commercial unmanned aerial in the U.S. and Japan. Aerial Innovation is working with the public sector and leading private enterprises in Japan and the U.S. to lay the technology and infrastructure groundwork for widespread adoption of commercial drones. Fred has been working with Japan’s technology sector for over 20 years, advising large telecommunications and IT R&D organizations on technology and strategy. Before that he worked in Tokyo for a Japanese research and marketing strategy consulting firm. Fred founded Aerial Innovation in 2016 with well-known Japanese tech journalist Ryoji Koike because what’s cooler than helping to create the future of flying robot networked supercomputers?