Daniel Hubert

Founder & CEO of Modus AI

Dan, the owner of MODUS, is a recognized aviation and drone expert, with over 24 years of military and commercial experience in aviation and data supply change management. While in the military he was a ship-based combat helicopter pilot, TOP Gun Flight instructor, H60 upgrade and RQ-8 Firescoutfleet integration project manager, commander in charge of dozens of drone units operating all over Central AsiaandNorthAfrica, and an aircraft carrier aviation safety specialist. After the military, Dan was recruited by General Atomics to oversee engineering, training, and support of the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper large drone systems, where his staff trained pilots to fly drones and advanced sensor payloads from all over the world.
MODUS specializes in commercial geospatial measurement business solutions using drones and mobile platforms. They are particularly known for Camera and Light Detection and Range (LiDAR) integrated full business solutions.
In addition to running MODUS, Dan specializes in LiDAR and Beyond Line of Sight for development programs in several U.S. States and select cities. Dan has extensive knowledge in drone flight control systems, C4I architecture, human machine interfaces, low level flight requirements, and aviation safety is allowing partner companies to develop next generation flight systems and policy.
Mapping Operations & Data Unmanned Solutions