The Silicon Valley Drone Show


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Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition 2019

sUSB Expo the Silicon Valley Drone Show is a commercial sUAS event for business to business exchange of ideas on commerce. The Expo features guest speakers from around the world and a  Demo Field Day.

Patrick Egan

sUAS News Americas Desk Founder sUSB Expo “The Silicon Valley Drone Show”

Michael Logan

Principle Investigator, NASA Langley Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory

Noah Ruiz

Skynetwest President & CEO, Adjunct Instructor for the Unmanned Vehicle University

Karen Robbins

WPG Principal, UAS Attorney   


Terry Miller

President of Transport Risk Management, Inc. and Unmanned Risk Management

Werner Von Stine

Founder SF Drone School; test flight research center, Skilled Technologist, X class drone racer.

Marty Scholl

Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District Ecological Management Supervisor

Anthony Vittone

Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, DroneUp



Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel

609 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 673-6672

Treasure Island

751 13th St, San Francisco, California 94130, United States


Save your seat for the 2018 sUSB Expo, and keep an eye on our expanding list of innovative speakers for 2018.






Boomerang Carnets Drone Giveaway

Those in attendance of the 2018 Silicon Valley Drone Show will earn the opportunity to win a DJI Mavic drone. Register to attend on April 25th and 26th and you could be a winner.

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Seshu Kiran

Founder of XAIR Seshu Kiran is an engineering-entrepreneur and founder of XAIR, a company working in the intersection of commercial drones and airspace technologies. He kicked off his entrepreneurial career while a teen, building & selling open spectrum radio...

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Jeff W Parisse

Senior Aviation Analyst for RAS Consulting and Investigations, CUAS Coalition, founded kVA Effects Jeff Parisse is an inventor, special effects designer and pioneer in unmanned aviation. In 1996, he founded kVA Effects®, a high voltage special effects company that...

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Sponsor & Speakers call to the Worlds Greatest Silicon Valley Drone Show, sUSB Expo 2017

The Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition (sUSB Expo) announces open sponsor and speaker opportunities for the 2017 sUSB expo, this year’s expo builds on the last with the addition of an outdoor cage free Demo Field Day. Previous years subject matter has covered, Standards, Robotics, Cinematography, Hardware Systems, Software, Industry analysis. The sUSB Expo is looking for speakers on commercial sUAS technology development, operations and manufacture.

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